Corporate Communication

Learn to orchestrate all your business's internal and external communications to gain favor with the stakeholders upon whom your company relies.

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7 Book

PR Technology, Data and Insights

Igniting a Positive Return on Your Communications Investment
Mark Weiner
Kogan Page, 2021
9 Book

Truth Be Told

How Authentic Marketing and Communications Wins in the Purposeful Age
David Gallagher and John O'Brien
Kogan Page, 2021
8 Article

Cutting Ties with Russia

A Guide to Decision-Making Now and in the Future
Paul Washington and Merel Spierings
The Conference Board, 2022
8 Article

The Dirty Work of Cleaning Online Reputations

For a fee, companies will tackle damaging search results. But is the new economy of digital makeovers making things worse:
Paul Gallant
Medium, 2022
8 Book

The Fixer

Secrets for Saving Your Reputation in the Age of Viral Media
Michael S. Sitrick
Regnery Publishing, 2018
7 Book

The Quest for Attention

Nonprofit Advocacy in a Social Media Age
Chao Guo and Gregory D. Saxton
Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2020
8 Book

How to Read a Financial Report

Wringing Vital Signs out of the Numbers
John A. Tracy
Wiley, 2004
8 Book
Anne Gregory
Kogan Page, 2020
9 Book

You – According to Them

Uncovering the blind spots that impact your reputation and your career
Sara Canaday
Sara Canaday, 2012