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Democratic Recession

The liberal world order finds itself increasingly under attack. Nationalism, populism, authoritarianism and tribal politics, long thought to be relics of the past, are experiencing a massive comeback. These summaries will help you make sense of this worrying trend.


9 Book

The Digital Republic

On Freedom and Democracy in the 21st Century
Jamie Susskind
Pegasus Books, 2022
8 Book

Spin Dictators

The Changing Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century
Sergei Guriev and Daniel Treisman
Princeton UP, 2022
9 Article

Why Democracy Stalled in the Middle East

Economic Despair and the Triumph of the China Model
Amaney A. Jamal and Michael Robbins
Foreign Affairs, 2022

How Civil Wars Start

And How to Stop Them
Barbara F. Walter
Crown, 2022
9 Video
John J. Mearsheimer
The Bush School of Government & Public Service, 2018

A World after Liberalism

Philosophers of the Radical Right
Matthew Rose
Yale UP, 2021
8 Report

The Global State of Democracy 2021

Building Resilience in a Pandemic Era
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
IDEA, 2021
9 Article
Jennifer Jett
The New York Times, 2021
7 Report
Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov et al.
IMF, 2021
7 Article

The Age of Zombie Democracies

Why Autocrats Are Abandoning Even the Pretense of Democratic Rituals
Kenneth Roth
Foreign Affairs, 2021
8 Article

Global Migration Drives Global Democracy

How Workers Abroad Weaken Dictators Back Home
Abel Escribà-Folch et al.
Foreign Affairs, 2021
9 Article
Jon Allsop
Columbia Journalism Review, 2021