Democratic Recession

All over the world a seemingly unassailable liberal world order finds itself under attack. Nationalism, populism and tribal politics, long thought to be a thing of the past, are experiencing a massive comeback. These summaries will help you make sense of this worrying trend.


Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America

Christopher Wylie

Random House, 2019

R 9
Russia, Europe, America

Timothy Snyder

Tim Duggan Books, 2018

R 9
The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America

Christopher Leonard

Simon & Schuster, 2019

America and Our Imperiled World

Robert Kagan

Knopf, 2018

R 8
How Technology Strengthens Autocracy

Andrea Kendall-Taylor et al.

Foreign Affairs, 2020

Resisting a Hostile Regime of Language

Adam Hodges

Stanford UP, 2019

Authoritarianism in America

Cass R. Sunstein

Dey Street, 2018

Democracy and the Decline of Reason

William Davies

W.W. Norton, 2019

R 8
A Warning

Madeleine Albright

Harper, 2018

R 9
Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right

Angela Nagle

Zero Books, 2017