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Since ChatGPT, it has become essential for employees and employers alike to be digitally savvy. In this channel, you will find content dealing with digital fluency and citizenship, software use and development and understanding digital systems – in short, everything that has to do with the use of digital tools or technologies, whether in the company or in everyday work.


9 Book


The McKinsey Guide to Outcompeting in the Age of Digital and AI
Rodney Zemmel et al.
Wiley, 2023
10 Podcast
Bill Gates and Sal Khan
Gates Notes, 2023
8 Book

Trustworthy AI

A Business Guide for Navigating Trust and Ethics in AI
Beena Ammanath
Wiley, 2022
8 Book

Product-Led SEO

The Why Behind Building Your Organic Growth Strategy
Eli Schwartz
Houndstooth Press, 2021
9 Article
Caroline Forsey and Deepam Mishra
Hubspot, 2023
9 Book

The AI Factor

How to Apply Artificial Intelligence and Use Big Data to Grow Your Business Exponentially
Asha Saxena
Post Hill, 2023
9 Article

Mastering ChatGPT

How to Craft Effective Prompts, 2023
7 Report
Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin, 2023
8 Book
Mathias Elsässer
ibidem-Verlag, 2022
7 Article
Lana Klein et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2023
8 Podcast
Lucia Rahilly et al.
McKinsey, 2022
8 Article

Manage AI Bias Instead of Trying to Eliminate It

To remediate the bias built into AI data, companies can take a three-step approach.
Sian Townson
MIT Sloan Management Review, 2023