How do nimble little companies keep disrupting established companies in one industry after another even when the big guys focus on their customers and continually improve crucial features of their products and services? Since the late Clayton Christensen explained that phenomenon, much has been written about disruptive innovation. Learn how to understand it, defend against it or become the disruptor yourself.

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A Roadmap for Leading Through Disruption (and Thriving on the Other Side)

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A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organisations and Life

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R 8
We’ve known for decades what causes disruption. So why are companies still allowing themselves to be vulnerable? The answer starts at the top.

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Think you’re aware of the forces that might disrupt your company? Your lens may be far too narrow.

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Disruption isn’t always the right strategy for startups. It’s a choice.

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By entering the market with products and services that are every bit as good as those offered by legacy companies, a new breed of disrupters is making it harder than ever for traditional businesses to compete.

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What the gospel of innovation gets wrong.

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