Doing Business Abroad

When you invest offshore, engage in international trade or do business outside your home country, you must understand the market you’re entering and how commerce works there. This Channel showcases books on doing business abroad. It’s not about etiquette or specific regions or taking a job overseas – all of which have their own channels. It’s about money – making it, earning it or investing it in other countries. Once you get off the plane, this is how business is done.

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A Guide to Developing Intercultural Competence

Luciara Nardon

University of Toronto Press, 2017

The Secrets of Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Bob Dignen and Ian Mcmaster

Collins, 2013

12 People Skills for Doing Business Across Borders

Ernest Gundling

Davies-Black Publishing, 2003

Building International Business

Richard Thompson

Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

How Coca-Cola Learned to Combine Scale and Agility (and How You Can Too)

David Butler and Linda Tischler

Simon & Schuster, 2015

Building Your International Business Through Cultural Awareness

Charles Mitchell

World Trade Press, 2000

The Complete Guide to Risk Management, International Payments and Currency Management, Bonds and Guarantees, Credit Insurance and Trade Finance

Anders Grath

Kogan Page, 2012

Social Business and the Future of Capitalism

Muhammad Yunus

Public Affairs, 2008


G. Andrew Karolyi

Oxford UP, 2015


Owen Jay Murphy

Thomson South-Western, 2005