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Doing Business in China

Can you make money from the giant? Only if you study it.

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The End of a ‘Gilded Age’

China Is Bringing Business to Heel
Paul Mozur
The New York Times, 2021
8 Book

Winning in China

8 Stories of Success and Failure in the World's Largest Economy
Lele Sang and Karl Ulrich
Wharton School Press, 2021
7 Book

Master Chinese Business Culture

Becoming a China Expert
Qingshun Zou
Qingshun Zou, 2021
9 Article

Global Brands Find It Hard to Untangle Themselves from Xinjiang Cotton

Under pressure to renounce cotton harvested in a Chinese region marked by gruesome repression, they face a backlash from nationalist Chinese consumers.
Peter S. Goodman et al.
The New York Times, 2021
8 Video
Elizabeth Schulze
CNBC, 2020
9 Article
John Wong et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2020
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Forget TikTok. China’s Powerhouse App Is WeChat, and Its Power Is Sweeping.

A vital connection for the Chinese diaspora, the app has also become a global conduit of Chinese state propaganda, surveillance and intimidation. The United States has proposed banning it.
Paul Mozur
The New York Times, 2020
9 Book

China's Great Wall of Debt

Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans, and the End of the Chinese Miracle
Dinny McMahon
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018
9 Article
Shu Li et al.
MIT Sloan Management Review, 2018
8 Article
Andrew Capon
Euromoney, 2018