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Doing Business in Europe

Europe is the birthplace of Western culture, but has Europe stalled in postcolonial times? As the most diverse continent politically, economically, culturally and socially, how will Europe deal with the future challenges it faces?


7 Article

The Weird, Extremely German Origins of the Wirecard Scandal

How politicians, regulators, and the media fell for an obvious financial fraud
Adrian Daub
New Republic, 2021
8 Book

Something Will Turn Up

Britain’s Economy, Past, Present and Future
David Smith
Profile Books, 2015
8 Article

The Finance Curse

How the Outsized Power of the City of London Makes Britain Poorer
Nicholas Shaxson
The Guardian, 2018
7 Book

The Trouble with Europe

Why the EU Isn't Working - How it Can Be Reformed - What Could Take Its Place
Roger Bootle
Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2014
9 Book


Travels in the New Third World
Michael Lewis
W.W. Norton, 2012
8 Book

God’s Bankers

A History of Money and Power at the Vatican
Gerald Posner
Wall Street Journal Books, 2015
8 Report

Tales from a Crisis

Diverging Narratives of the Euro Area
Henrik Müller et al.
Bruegel, 2018
8 Report
Alexander Lehmann
Bruegel, 2018
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How Europe’s New Privacy Rule Is Reshaping the Internet

This May, the GDPR will give companies a new set of rules for sharing data online
Russell Brandom
The Verge, 2018
8 Article

US Steel and Aluminium Tariffs

How should the EU respond?
Uri Dadush
Bruegel, 2018