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Doing Business in Oceania

In George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, Oceania is perpetually at war. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth, though the region is vulnerable to other global threats. How will Oceania respond to challenges such as climate change?


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Australia Hasn’t Had a Recession in 25 Years

This Is What the Rest of the World Can Learn
Matt O'Brien
World Economic Forum, 2016
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Democracy Index 2014

Democracy and Its Discontents
The Economist Intelligence Unit
EIU, 2015
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World Economic Outlook October 2014

Legacies, Clouds, Uncertainties
International Monetary Fund
IMF, 2014
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The World Bank
World Bank, 2014
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Economist Intelligence Unit
EIU, 2014
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Worldwide Cost of Living 2014

Which City Is the Most Expensive to Live In? Which City Is the Cheapest?
The Economist Intelligence Unit
EIU, 2014

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