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Doing Business in Russia


8 Article

Cutting Ties with Russia

A Guide to Decision-Making Now and in the Future
Paul Washington and Merel Spierings
The Conference Board, 2022
9 Book

Red Notice

A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice
Bill Browder
Simon & Schuster, 2015
9 Article

Welcome to Pleistocene Park

In Arctic Siberia, Russian scientists are trying to stave off catastrophic climate change – by resurrecting an Ice Age biome complete with lab-grown woolly mammoths.
Ross Andersen
The Atlantic, 2017
8 Report
Alicia Garcia and Jianwei Xu
Bruegel, 2016
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The Soviet InterNyet

Soviet scientists tried for decades to network their nation. What stalemated them is now fracturing the global internet
Benjamin Peters
Aeon, 2017
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Russia’s Economy under Putin

From Crony Capitalism to State Capitalism
Simeon Djankov
Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2015
7 Report
International Monetary Fund
IMF, 2015
8 Book
Ruslan Dzarasov
Pluto Press, 2013
8 Book

Lonely Ideas

Can Russia Compete?
Loren Graham
MIT Press, 2013
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Scenarios for Ukraine

Reforming Institutions, Strengthening the Economy After the Crisis
World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum, 2014
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The Great Game for Gas in the Caspian

Europe Opens the Southern Corridor
Economist Intelligence Unit
EIU, 2013
9 Book

Collapse of an Empire

Lessons for Modern Russia
Yegor Gaidar
Brookings Institution Press, 2007