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Doing Business in the Middle East

From Turkey via the Gulf States to Iran: The Middle East is a mine field – but it’s also a gold mine.


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Thomas L. Friedman
FSG, 1995
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Six Days in Suez

The Inside Story of the Ship That Broke Global Trade
Kit Chellel et al.
Bloomberg Businessweek , 2021
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Bias and Barriers

Raising women’s labor force participation in the Arab world could boost economic growth, but there are deeply rooted obstacles
Nazila Fathi
Finance & Development , 2017
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Economist Films
Economist Films, 2018
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Emerging Market Nonfinancial Corporate Debt

How Concerned Should We Be?
Daniel Beltran et al.
Federal Reserve Board, 2017
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Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky?

It flies the fanciest product on the biggest planes on the longest routes. There might not be much more room to soar
Matthew Campbell
Bloomberg Businessweek , 2017
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“One Belt, One Road”

An Economic Roadmap
The Economist Intelligence Unit
EIU, 2016
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Chasing ISIS

Why Europe Can't Find the Jihadis in Its Midst
Mitch Prothero
Buzzfeed, 2016
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Learning to Live with Cheaper Oil

Policy Adjustment in Oil-Exporting Countries of the Middle East and Central Asia
Martin Sommer et al.
IMF, 2016