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Economic Policy

Taxes, labor, money supply, interest rates, budgets...the list of how governments operate and what they seek to influence in a modern economy goes on and on. To understand better the role of government in setting and implementing economic policies, strategies and tactics, start here.

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Milton Friedman and Anna Jacobson Schwartz
Princeton UP, 2008
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The United States vs. China

The Quest for Global Economic Leadership
C. Fred Bergsten
Polity Press, 2022
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Only the Rich Can Play

How Washington Works in the New Gilded Age
David Wessel
Public Affairs, 2021
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How to Protect Workers Hurt By the Fight Against Climate Change
Simone Tagliapietra
Foreign Affairs, 2021
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Harold Meyerson
The Prospect, 2022
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Sizing Up the New Axis
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How Efficiency Replaced Equality in U.S. Public Policy
Elizabeth Berman
Princeton UP, 2022
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Mind the Gap

Factors Driving the Growing Racial Wage Gaps and Solutions to Close Them
Gad Levanon et al.
The Conference Board, 2021
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Executive's Guide to Fed Policy and Associated Risks: Part 1

Understanding the Role of the Fed and the Tools at Its Disposal
Dana M. Peterson and Hollis W. Hart
The Conference Board, 2021