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Economic Theory

If you’re interested in society’s economic foundations, this is the category for you. Here you’ll find the classics from luminaries like Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes, as well as the current work of today’s leading economists.

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9 Book

The Economist's View of the World

And the Quest for Well-Being
Steven E. Rhoads
Cambridge UP, 2021
10 Book
John Maynard Keynes
Prometheus Books, 1997
9 Book

Progress and Poverty

An Inquiry into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth; The Remedy
Henry George
CreateSpace, 2017
9 Book

The Power of Money

How Governments and Banks Create Money and Help Us All Prosper
Paul Sheard
Matt Holt Books, 2023
8 Article
Anthony Gill
American Institute for Economic Research, 2023
9 Book
Thomas Piketty
Belknap Press, 2014
8 Book

Edible Economics

A Hungry Economist Explains the World
Ha-Joon Chang
Public Affairs, 2023
7 Book

The Tragic Science

How Economists Cause Harm (Even as They Aspire to Do Good)
George F. DeMartino
University of Chicago Press, 2022
8 Report
J. Anthony Cookson et al.
SSRN, 2023
8 Book

Goddess of the Market

Ayn Rand and the American Right
Jennifer Burns
Oxford UP, 2009
9 Book
Michael E. Porter
Free Press, 1998
10 Book
Adam Smith
CreateSpace, 1776