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Emerging Markets

How to profit in new places amid the confusion of growth.


7 Article

The Resurgence of the Rest

Can Emerging Markets Find New Paths to Growth?
Ruchir Sharma
Foreign Affairs, 2021
8 Article

Check Your Financial Privilege

While those comfortable in the dollar bubble deride Bitcoin, the stories of three emerging market users demonstrate why it is so important.
Alex Gladstein
Bitcoin Magazine, 2021
8 Book

Dance of the Trillions

Developing Countries and Global Finance
David Lubin
Brookings Institution Press, 2018
8 Article
Barry Eichengreen
Project Syndicate, 2020
7 Article
Arancha González Laya
World Economic Forum, 2019
7 Article
Ivailo Izvorski and Kenan Karakülah
Brookings Institution, 2019
7 Book
G. Andrew Karolyi
Oxford UP, 2015
8 Report
Dinesh Khanna et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2015
8 Book
John Manners-Bell et al.
Kogan Page, 2014
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Seeing the World Through the Emerging Consumer’s Eyes

A Grassroots Research Approach to the Emerging Consumer Theme
Tassos Stassopoulos
AllianceBernstein L.P., 2014
7 Book

The 86 Percent Solution

How to Succeed in the Biggest Market Opportunity of the Next 50 Years
Vijay Mahajan and Kamini Banga
Wharton School Publishing, 2005
8 Book

Emerging Markets

A Practical Guide for Corporations, Lenders, and Investors
Jeffrey C. Hooke
Wiley, 2001