Foreign Politics of the USA

The world's policeman or splendid isolation – the role of the US on the world stage has historically shifted between extremes. With each new administration it might take yet another turn. Learn from these summaries what strategies experts prescribe for todays's geopolitical challenges or how they view the current dealings between the US and their partners or adversaries.

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The Limits of U.S.-Chinese Competition

Thomas J. Christensen

Foreign Affairs, 2021

America and Our Imperiled World

Robert Kagan

Knopf, 2018

R 8
A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors

Charles Krauthammer

Crown, 2018

R 9
How to Prepare for the Next Crisis

Michael H. Fuchs

Foreign Affairs, 2020

Beijing’s Assertiveness Betrays Its Desperation

Michael Beckley

Foreign Affairs, 2019

Why America Shouldn’t Panic About Its Latest Challenger

Fareed Zakaria

Foreign Affairs, 2020

The 40-Year Obsession with Iran

Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon

Foreign Affairs, 2019

Lessons in leadership from a lifetime of service, from fighting in the Marine Corps to working for President Donald Trump

Jim Mattis

The Wall Street Journal, 2019

Neither Side Wants a Fight, but That Doesn’t Eliminate the Danger

Ilan Goldenberg

Foreign Affairs, 2019

How America Can Both Challenge and Coexist with China

Kurt M. Campbell and Jake Sullivan

Foreign Affairs, 2019