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What's the most important part of a company? Right, the human or intellectual capital. With these summaries, you'll learn how to find the best people, develop them and get them to stay with your organization. You'll also learn how to make HR a force in shaping and executing your organization's strategy.

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A Learning Practitioner’s Toolkit

Michelle Parry-Slater

Kogan Page, 2021

How to Make More Money in Business by Doing the Right Thing

Jeff Morrill

TCK, 2021

How the Best Organizations Win through Structured and Inclusive Hiring

Jon Stross and Daniel Chait

Wiley, 2021

Creating Organizations As Amazing As the People Inside Them

Gary Hamel

NBF, 2020

Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation

Timothy R. Clark

Berrett-Koehler, 2020

The success of the trial made global headlines. But the actual results tell a more complex story

Nicole Kobie

Wired, 2021

An artificial-intelligence tool called Trial Pathfinder can run clinical-trial emulations using healthcare data from people with cancer, and can learn how to optimize trial-inclusion eligibility criteria, while maintaining patient safety.

Chunhua Weng and James R. Rogers

Nature, 2021

How Talent Optimization Can Drive Engagement, Productivity, and Happiness

Mike Zani

McGraw-Hill, 2021


Callum Williams

The Economist, 2021