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Generating an innovative idea is one thing (and not so easy to do), however, in business that idea matters most if your organization can bring it to life and to profitability. This channel covers both step one, generating a great new idea within your company, and step two, implementing it. (For disruptive technologies, creativity techniques and product development, please see those channels.)

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9 Book


The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World
Melissa Schilling
Public Affairs, 2018
8 Book


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products (Silicon Valley Product Group)
Marty Cagan and Chris Jones
Wiley, 2020
8 Book

Going on Offense

A Leader’s Playbook for Perpetual Innovation
Behnam Tabrizi
Ideapress, 2023
8 Book

The Heart of Innovation

A Field Guide for Navigating to Authentic Demand
Matt Chanoff et al.
Berrett-Koehler, 2023
9 Book

The Human Element

Overcoming the Resistance That Awaits New Ideas
Loran Nordgren and David Schonthal
Wiley, 2021
9 Book

Think Bigger

How to Innovate
Sheena Iyengar
Columbia Business School Publishing, 2023
9 Book

No-Excuses Innovation

Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Mature Enterprises
Bruce Vojak and Walter Herbst
Stanford UP, 2022
8 Book

The Innovation Tournament Handbook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Exceptional Solutions to Any Challenge
Christian Terwiesch and Karl T. Ulrich
Wharton School Press, 2023
8 Book

The Innovation Mindset

Eight Essential Steps to Transform Any Industry
Lorraine Marchand
Columbia Business School Publishing, 2022
8 Podcast
Jeremy Utley and Matt Abrahams
Stanford Business, 2022