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8 Book

Hidden Champions in the Chinese Century

Ascent and Transformation
Hermann Simon
Springer, 2022
8 Article

Apple's Fraught Future in China

Apple’s enjoyed unusual levels of success in China for a Western company, but its future in the country is looking less and less bright.
Griffin Kelly
Daily Upside, 2024
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Washington’s Xinjiang Fix

What happens when human rights law becomes trade law? Two years after passage of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, we’re beginning to find out.
Eliot Chen and Katrina Northrop
The Wire China, 2023
9 Article

Aging Opportunity

Can Western financial giants fix China's pension system?
Sean Williams
The Wire China, 2023
8 Article

Caging the Tech Capitalists

How China built the bureaucracy it needed to crackdown on tech giants.
Ya-Wen Lei
The Wire China, 2023
9 Article

The End of China’s Economic Miracle

How Beijing’s Struggles Could Be an Opportunity for Washington
Adam S. Posen
Foreign Affairs, 2023
9 Book

Influence Empire

Inside the Story of Tencent and China’s Tech Ambition
Lulu Chen
Hodder & Stoughton, 2022
9 Book

Red Roulette

An Insider's Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in Today's China
Desmond Shum
Scribner, 2021
9 Article

Coronavirus Timeline Leading Up to Wuhan’s Lockdown Shows Clear Signs of Cover-Up

…or at the very least, a failure to take the virus seriously.
Chen Rui and Xu Bingqing
YiCai Global, 2020
8 Book

Money Machine

A Trailblazing American Venture in China
Weijian Shan
Wiley, 2023
8 Article

China’s Consumption Conundrum

Can Xi Get Chinese Citizens to Stop Saving and Start Spending?
Damien Ma and Houze Song
Foreign Affairs, 2023
9 Article

China just announced a new social credit law. Here’s what it means.

The West has largely gotten China’s social credit system wrong. But draft legislation introduced in November offers a more accurate picture of the reality.
Zeyi Yang
MIT Technology Review, 2022