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Coronavirus Timeline Leading Up to Wuhan’s Lockdown Shows Clear Signs of Cover-Up

…or at the very least, a failure to take the virus seriously.
Chen Rui and Xu Bingqing
YiCai Global, 2020
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Chinese Businessman and Economist Argues Against Strict Lockdown Measures for Fear of Damage to China’s Economy

Don’t let arbitrary local quarantine guidelines prevent China’s labor force from returning to work.
Liang Jianzhang
Huxiu, 2020
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Coronavirus in China Fuels Crowd Psychology

Please Stop Feeding into Mob Mentality
Zhou Zorro
The Curious Zhou Zorro, 2020
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Huang Yuankai
DT Caijing, 2019
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What Will China’s Metaverse Look Like?

Whether future or fad, one thing is certain: China will not miss out on shaping this new ecosystem.
Yi Jing Fly and Laura Grünberg
The Diplomat, 2022
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Luckin Coffee Goes Public

But Is This Coffee Start-Up Overvalued?
Siyi Li
Tencent, 2019
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Fei Fei Mao
Fei Fei Mao, 2018