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Intercultural Competence

In the age of globalization, managers and other employees require cultural intelligence. How do you deal with people from different cultural backgrounds? What are the do's and don’ts of global and local etiquette? Learn how to avoid putting your foot in your mouth when working in, or with people from, different cultures.

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Craig Storti
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Use Your Difference to Make a Difference

How to Connect and Communicate in a Cross-Cultural World
Tayo Rockson
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Learning Service

The Essential Guide to Volunteering Abroad
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Adopting Agile Across Borders

A Guide to Navigating Cultural Complexity in Agile Teams and Organizations
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An Insider’s Guide to the Italian Mind
Beppe Severgnini
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Master Chinese Business Culture

Becoming a China Expert
Qingshun Zou
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Saving Face

How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust
Maya Hu-Chan
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Cultural DNA

The Psychology of Globalization
Gurnek Bains
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Negotiate Like a Local

7 Mindsets to Increase Your Success Rate in International Business
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Sustainable Negotiation

What Physics Can Teach Us About International Negotiation
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