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Investment Banking

Get the hallway hints and backstage stories from the global financial professionals who advise businesses and help them raise capital.


8 Article

Killing the I-Bank

The Disruption of Investment Banking
CB Insights
CB Insights, 2020
7 Book

Investment Banking Explained

An Insider's Guide to the Industry
Michel Fleuriet
McGraw-Hill, 2018
8 Article
Sonali Basak
Bloomberg Businessweek , 2018
9 Article
Dan Davies
The Guardian, 2018
8 Report
Charles Goodhart and Dirk Schoenmaker
Bruegel, 2016
8 Report

Corporate Treasury Insights 2015

As the Dust Settles...
Marguerite Burghardt et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2015
10 Book

The Accidental Investment Banker

Inside the Decade that Transformed Wall Street
Jonathan A. Knee
Oxford UP, 2006
8 Book
K. Thomas Liaw
Wiley, 1999
6 Book

Investment Banking

Institutions, Politics, and Law
Alan D. Morrison and William J. Wilhelm Jr,
Oxford UP, 2007
8 Book

On Money and Markets

A Wall Street Memoir
Henry Kaufman
McGraw-Hill, 2000

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