Life Advice

When your life suddenly turns upside down or when you just want to make improvements, get advice from the experts – even if it’s just to help you analyze your own views. These personal development summaries provide trustworthy guidance.

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9 Book

Anatomy of a Breakthrough

How to Get Unstuck When It Matters Most
Adam Alter
Simon & Schuster, 2023
9 Book

A Beginner’s Guide to the End

Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death
Dr. B.J. Miller and Shoshana Berger
Simon & Schuster, 2019
8 Book

Master of Change

How to Excel When Everything Is Changing – Including You
Brad Stulberg
HarperOne, 2023
8 Book

Creative Calling

Establish a Daily Practice, Infuse Your World with Meaning, and Succeed in Work and Life
Chase Jarvis
HarperBusiness, 2019
9 Book

Mind Your Mindset

The Science That Shows Success Starts with Your Thinking
Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller
Baker Publishing Group, 2023
8 Book

The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People

Why Some Flourish When Others Fold
Dr. Taryn Stejskal
Hachette Go, 2023
9 Book
Napoleon Hill
Public Domain, 1987
8 Book

Winning the Loser's Game

Timeless Strategies for Successful Investing, Eighth Edition
Charles D. Ellis
McGraw-Hill, 2021
9 Book

Quick Confidence

Be Authentic, Boost Connections, and Make Bold Bets on Yourself
Selena Rezvani
Wiley, 2023
8 Book

Out Of Comfort Zone

Cutting Edge Business Lessons Based on Sports Psychology from the Experience of an Extreme Swimmer
Deniz Kayadelen
Deniz Kayadelen, 2020
8 Book

The Disaster-Ready Home

A Step-by-Step Emergency Preparedness Manual for Sheltering in Place
Creek Stewart
Adams Media, 2022
8 Book

The Scout Mindset

Why Some People See Things Clearly and Others Don’t
Julia Galef
Portfolio, 2021