Literary Classics

Step on board the ill-fated Pequod to hunt down an elusive white whale, fall down a rabbit hole and explore a world of wonder, or spend your afternoon as a giant among Lilliputians. Let our literary classics summaries transport you to other worlds. Go beyond the book to learn about the historical settings in which authors were writing, understand why their texts are important and see how their narratives became permanent cultural touchstones for subsequent generations.


A Tour of the Underwater World

Jules Verne

Paris, 1869

Alexandre Dumas

Paris, 1844

Herman Melville

London, 1851

Louisa May Alcott

Boston, 1868/69

F. Scott Fitzgerald

New York, 1925

Jack London

New York, 1903

Jane Austen

London, 1813



Greece, 8th century BC

E. M. Forster

London, 1910

Or Optimism


Geneva, 1759