The creation and flow of products hinges on manufacturing, the work of making and packaging the things we buy. You're in the right place to see processes work and goods roll off the assembly line.

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8 Book

It's About Time

The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing
Rajan Suri
Productivity Press, 2010
9 Book

Toyota Production System

Beyond Large-Scale Production
Taiichi Ohno
Productivity Press, 1988
8 Book

Competing Against Time

How Time-Based Competition Is Reshaping Global Markets
George Stalk, Jr. and Thomas M. Hout
Free Press, 1990
9 Article
Brian Myerholtz et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2020
8 Book

Improving Performance

How to Manage the White Space in the Organization Chart
Geary A. Rummler and Alan P. Brache
Jossey Bass Wiley, 1990
9 Book

Escaping the Build Trap

How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value
Melissa Perri
O'Reilly, 2018
8 Book

The Pan-Industrial Revolution

How New Manufacturing Titans Will Transform the World
Richard D'Aveni
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018
8 Article
Markus Lorenz and Roland Haslehner
Boston Consulting Group, 2020
9 Book

How to Fix a Factory

A Practical Approach to Clarify and Resolve Underlying Challenges in Your Factory
Rob Tracy
Paper Raven Books, 2019
9 Article
Peter Kendall
The Washington Post, 2020