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How are new materials best discovered and designed? Why do some things stick (create more friction) more than others? Do modern swim suits really resemble shark skin? Materials scientists are on a quest to find answers.


8 Book

The World in a Grain

The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization
Vince Beiser
Riverhead, 2018
8 Article

New Artificial Enamel is Harder and More Durable Than the Real Thing

Novel material mimics enamel’s complex structure with stronger components
Graycen Wheeler
Science, 2022
8 Article
François Candelon et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2022
8 Article

An Atomic-Scale View of Cyclocarbon Synthesis

Combining organic synthesis with microscopy addresses long-standing bottlenecks in cyclocarbon production.
Sabine Maier
Science, 2019
8 Article

Food Fraud and Counterfeit Cotton

The Detectives Untangling the Global Supply Chain
Samanth Subramanian
The Guardian, 2021


The Secret Science of Surfaces
Laurie Winkless
Bloomsbury Sigma, 2022
9 Book

Symphony in C

Carbon and the Evolution of (Almost) Everything
Robert M. Hazen
W.W. Norton, 2019
9 Article

Crystalline Nets Snare Water and Make Fuel from Thin Air

Having solved stability problems, chemists think metal-organic frameworks are ready for a commercial ascent.
Robert F. Service
Science, 2019
8 Book

Making the Modern World

Materials and Dematerialization
Vaclav Smil
Wiley, 2013

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