Podcast Summaries


9 Podcast
Allen Blue and Sophy Fischer
ILO, 2021
7 Podcast
Dr. Jarik Conrad and Laurie Ruettimann
Punk Rock HR, 2021
8 Podcast

Skills Obsession

What a Mindset of Enablement Actually Looks Like
Stacia Garr
The Skills Obsession, 2021
8 Podcast

Francis Frei

Scaling Culture, e-Summit
Francis Frei and Ron Lovett
Connolly Owens, 2020
8 Podcast
Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin, 2021
9 Podcast
Michelle Obama
Spotify, 2020
7 Podcast

Reverse Mentoring with Patrice Gordon

Dare to Lead Podcast with Brené Brown
Brené Brown and Patrice Gordon
Dare to Lead, 2021
9 Podcast

Creating Transformative Cultures

Brené Brown with Aiko Bethea Part 2
Brené Brown
Dare to Lead by Spotify Originals, 2021
8 Podcast
David Green
Digital HR Leaders Podcast, 2021
8 Podcast

Satya Nadella: Aligning Behind a Common Purpose

The Microsoft CEO refocused on a company culture where people can take risks and learn from mistakes.
Jenny Luna
Stanford Business, 2020