Public Sector

An industry like no other: The public sector operates differently from the private sector. Is this a good thing or should it change as soon as possible? Covering the spectrum from traditional bureaucracy to new public management, these summaries will help you form your own opinion.

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Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash

Edward Humes

Penguin Group (USA), 2013

R 8
Rituals of Verification

Michael Power

Oxford UP, 1999

Lessons Learned from the Pilot LED Municipal Streetlight and PLN Substation Retrofit Project (Pilot LED Project) in Indonesia

Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank, 2017

“Sin” Taxes – e.g., on Tobacco – Are Less Efficient than They Look
But they do help improve public health

The Economist

The Economist, 2018

How reducing barriers to economic inclusion can benefit workers, firms, and local economies

Joseph Parilla

Brookings Institution, 2017

The Presource Curse
Oil discoveries can lead first to jubilation then to economic jeopardy

James Cust and David Mihalyi

IMF, 2017

A Preliminary Study of South Korean Public Organizations

Hyun Gyu Oh et al.

IPSA, 2017

Smart Cities
What Do We Need to Know to Plan and Design Them Better?

Anthony Townsend

Medium, 2017

Opportunities and Challenges

Brookings Institution and Ethos

Brookings Institution, 2017


Economist Films

Economist Films, 2017