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Quantum Physics

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Spooky Quantum Action Passes Test

Recent experiments quash the hope that the unsettling phenomenon of quantum entanglement can be explained away
Ronald Hanson and Krister Shalm
Scientific American, 2018
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The Quantum Divide

Why Schrodinger’s Cat is Either Dead or Alive
Christopher C. Gerry and Kimberley M. Bruno
Oxford UP, 2016
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Quantum Computing Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty

WIRED has challenged IBM’s Dr. Talia Gershon (Senior Manager, Quantum Research) to explain quantum computing to 5 different people: a child, teen, a college student, a grad student and a professional.
Talia Gershon
Wired, 2018
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The Entangled Web

Quantum physics can already make communications super-secure. But exploiting some of its strangest properties could take these networks to the next level.
Davide Castelvecchi
Nature, 2018
9 Article
The Economist
The Economist, 2019
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Quantum Computing for Normals

Make Me Smart podcast
Molly Wood et al.
Marketplace, 2019
8 Article
Philipp Gerbert and Frank Ruess
Boston Consulting Group, 2018
8 Book

Minds, Machines, and the Multiverse

The Quest for the Quantum Computer
Julian Brown
Simon & Schuster, 2000
6 Book
Stephen R. Waite
Thomson Texere, 2002

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