Societal Resilience

What can we do for individuals and society to be resilient?


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A Mission-Oriented Approach: Designing for Societal Resilience

We define resilience as the capacity to anticipate, absorb, and adapt to disruption.
Microsoft, 2021
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Climate Action Through Innovation

Resilience – Episode 4
Microsoft, 2021
7 Video

Discovering New Ways to Find Resilience

Resilience – Episode 3
Microsoft, 2021
7 Video

Innovating to Understand and Act

Resilience – Episode 1
Microsoft, 2021
6 Video

Rethinking Our Shared Experiences

Resilience – Episode 2
Microsoft, 2021
7 Book

Resilient Leadership 2.0

Leading with Calm, Clarity, and Conviction in Anxious Times
Bob Duggan and Bridgette Theurer
CreateSpace, 2017
8 Book


Why Things Bounce Back
Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy
Free Press, 2012

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