Here you will find summaries on all kinds of topics that have to do with our societies: trends, analyses, visions, challenges.

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The New Dangerous Class

Guy Standing

Bloomsbury, 2014


Alvin Toffler

Bantam, 1984

R 9
Why We Hate Each Other – and How to Heal

Ben Sasse

St. Martin’s Press, 2018

R 9
Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech

Jamie Susskind

Oxford UP, 2018

How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution

Tucker Carlson

Free Press, 2018

A Memoir

Tara Westover

Random House, 2018

R 9
A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America

James Fallows and Deborah Fallows

Pantheon Books, 2018

R 9
What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

Nicholas Carr

W.W. Norton, 2010

How We Can Build the Ideal World

Rutger Bregman

Little, Brown US, 2017

Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

Hans Rosling et al.

Flatiron Books, 2018

R 9