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Tax Havens

Are companies sheltering their assets or simply dodging taxes when they shift profits to offshore jurisdictions? Tax havens draw the attention of both clever accountants and concerned politicians.


9 Article
Scott Galloway
No Mercy / No Malice, 2023
8 Book

The Wealth Hoarders

How Billionaires Pay Millions to Hide Trillions​
Chuck Collins
Polity Press, 2021

The Triumph of Injustice

How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay
Gabriel Zucman and Emmanuel Saez
W.W. Norton, 2019
8 Article

Tackling Tax Havens

The billions attracted by tax havens do harm to sending and receiving nations alike
Nicholas Shaxson
IMF, 2019
9 Report
Annette Alstadsæter et al.
University of California, Berkeley, 2017
9 Article
James Brumby and Michael Keen
IMF, 2018
8 Article

False Profits

Avoidance by multinationals and competition between governments are forcing a rethink of the international tax system
Michael Keen
IMF, 2017
8 Article
Jesse Drucker
Bloomberg Businessweek , 2016
8 Book

The Hidden Wealth of Nations

The Scourge of Tax Havens
Gabriel Zucman
University of Chicago Press, 2016
8 Article
Catherine Dunn
Fusion, 2016
7 Report
Eric J. Allen and Susan C. Morse
The BetaCodex Network, 2013
8 Book

Havens in a Storm

The Struggle for Global Tax Regulation
J. C. Sharman
Cornell UP, 2006