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Welcome to the world of technology. Here you’ll learn about a range of technology subjects – from the creation of the first computer to the development of spaceships that will take men to Mars and all the hardware and software advances that have occurred in between.

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9 Book


The Rise and Fall and Reinvention of a Global Icon (History of Computing)
James W. Cortada
MIT Press, 2019
9 Article

Sea Change

Google and Meta’s new subsea cables mark a tectonic shift in how the internet works, and who controls it.
Andrew Blum and Carey Baraka
Rest of World, 2022
9 Book

The Founders

The Story of Paypal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley
Jimmy Soni
Simon & Schuster, 2022
9 Article
Liz Harkavy et al.
a16z, 2022
9 Book

The Information Trade

How Big Tech Conquers Countries, Challenges Our Rights, and Disrupts Our World
Alexis Wichowski
HarperOne, 2020
8 Article
Jean-François Bobier et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2022
9 Article

What Will China’s Metaverse Look Like?

Whether future or fad, one thing is certain: China will not miss out on shaping this new ecosystem.
Yi Jing Fly and Laura Grünberg
The Diplomat, 2022
10 Article

Lessons from 19 Years in the Metaverse

A conversation with one of the few people who have real historical perspective on digital communities
Charlie Warzel
The Atlantic, 2022
9 Report

The metaverse could be tech’s next trillion-dollar opportunity

These are the companies making it a reality
CB Insights
CB Insights, 2022