Navigating the New Normal: Transform

As the coronavirus crisis progresses, it is becoming increasingly clear that there will not be a return to the pre-pandemic status quo. Now is the time to adopt agile management practices, upgrade the digital infrastructure and put solid risk management measures in place so that the next crisis or disruption won’t catch them off-guard.

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The New Leadership Playbook for the Digital Age

Reimagining What It Takes to Lead
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Future-Proofing the Workforce

Accelerating Skills Acquisition to Match the Pace of Change
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Winning with a Data-Driven Strategy

Making decisions based on hard evidence requires a major shift in culture, technology, and mind-set.
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Jeanne Ross
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The Technology Fallacy

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Strategic Doing

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Crisis Leadership Now

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How to Anticipate Forcing Events and Wild Cards in Global Politics
Francis Fukuyama
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