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Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe, has been at the center of contentious geopolitical maneuverings throughout its history, and its current situation is no different. These summaries will help you make sense of what is going on in Ukraine, what interests are involved and why the conflicts seem so intractable.


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War in Ukraine

Insights and Guidance for You and Your Company
Jeff Hoffman and Paul Washington
The Conference Board, 2022
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Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld et al.
SSRN, 2022
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War Transformed

The Future of Twenty-First-Century Great Power Competition and Conflict
Mick Ryan
Naval Institute, 2022
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Dan Kurtz-Phelan and Stephen Kotkin
Foreign Affairs, 2022
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The Rising Risk of a Global Food Crisis

The war in Ukraine poses a looming threat to the worldwide food supply. Here’s what’s at stake – and what might be done to help.
Daniel Aminetzah et al.
McKinsey, 2022
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One Seat in Coach, 36 Suitcases and Enough Kevlar to Fight a War

The Ukrainian Americans supplying an army on their own.
Matt Stieb
New York Magazine, 2022
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Global Financial Stability

Implications of the War in Ukraine
Fabio Natalucci and Bruce Edwards
IMF, 2022
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The End of Globalization?

What Russia’s War in Ukraine Means for the World Economy
Adam S. Posen
Foreign Affairs, 2022
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The Food War

The food shock of 2022 is not a good-news story. But our “bad” is less bad than ever before.
David Frum
The Atlantic, 2022