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getAbstract’s mission is to find, expertly compress and provide universal access to critical business knowledge. Our summaries are written in a format that customers can absorb easily and quickly. This allows our users to stay current, remain competitive and make better decisions. Our constantly growing knowledge library includes tens of thousands of business book, article, video and podcast summaries. Our worldwide community includes millions of readers, including one third of Fortune 500 companies.

Food Industry

Danone S.A. is a multinational food products corporation based in Paris, France. The company employs over 100’000 people in 55 countries. Danone’s international brands include Evian, Volvic, Actimel and many more.


The Canadian insurance provider ivari has been in existence for over 80 years. The Toronto-based company employs over 500 people in Canada and has a parent and sister companies in the US. ivari seeks to promote a positive performance culture in support of the CEO's goal of achieving excellence. To this end, it requires a learning solution that provides the breadth of content necessary to help managers and staff to continually work on their development.

Food Industry

Mondelez International is one of the world's largest manufacturers of snack foods and confectionery. Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, the company currently employs approximately 80,000 people and markets its products in around 150 countries.

Whyte & Mackay Ltd

Whyte & Mackay Ltd produces and distributes some of the world’s most highly-awarded and respected whisky and spirit brands. The Glasgowbased company was founded in 1844 and today employs over 500 people across the UK and beyond.

Software Industry

Experian is a global information services provider based in Dublin, Ireland. With 17,000 employees in 39 countries, the company offers data and analytical tools that assist businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud and automate decisionmaking.


Nationwide is the world’s largest building society. It is a leading provider of savings, mortgage loans, and other banking and insurance services in the UK. The company currently employs around 18,000 people.

Software Industry

Founded in Sydney in 2002, Atlassian employs over 3,000 people worldwide. The creator of popular team collaboration software such as Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, and Trello, Atlassian helps teams around the world unleash their potential.

Standard Life Aberdeen

Standard Life Aberdeen (SLA) is a leading investment firm headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company has offices in 46 locations worldwide and employs around 6,000 people. The company came into existence following the merger of Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management in 2017.

Software Industry

Cadence Design Systems is a leading semiconductor software company headquartered in San Jose, California. The company provides the expertise and tools, IP and hardware required for the entire electronics design supply chain. As a multinational company that operates in 21 countries, Cadence has a diverse workforce of 7,600 employees. Among the L&D department’s top priorities is to implement a “high performance culture” across the organization.

Post Services
Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the United Kingdom’s leading mail delivery company. It delivers to millions of addresses across the UK and employs over 159,000 people. Its European parcel business maintains one of the largest, ground-based parcel delivery networks in Europe. While e-substitution has led to a steady decline in conventional letter volumes, the company has benefited from a growth in parcel volume powered by e-commerce.

Food Industry

How can you change the learning culture of a company that remains deeply rooted in a traditional learning paradigm? Jay Anders, manager of Learning Governance & Systems for MillerCoors, and his team build and deliver innovative, nontraditional learning solutions for a multigenerational workforce across the United States. In his Webinar, Jay shares some practical tips on how MillerCoors utilizes getAbstract to leverage flexible, self-directed learning.

Energy Sector

To successfully overcome the challenges that the energy transition poses, every single one of the organization’s 22,000 employees needs to contribute. As a knowledge resource, getAbstract helps EnBW become more versatile and operate more efficiently in a dynamic market. getAbstract’s concise business summaries enable all employees to access new knowledge quickly and to find out more about current trends.

Energy Sector
General Electric

General Electric's future orientation requires employees to constantly keep up-to-date with external leading-edge thinking. Consequently, learning plays a crucial role for the company. getAbstract enables GE employees to stay competitive and become better leaders as they learn efficiently and access content that matches their professional interests.

Insurance and Banking Sector

Brussels-based Belfius is the only integrated bank and insurance company that focuses 100% on local customers. The financial institution employs 7,000 people from 23 nations and has more than 3 million customers. With its concise and easy-to-digest business summaries, getAbstract has offered crucial support to Belfius’s training program. The acquired knowledge helps Belfius employees stay up-to-date in their work and foster their personal development.

Insurance and Banking Sector
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

To achieve its vision to be Australia’s most customer-connected bank, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank embraces innovation and continually looks for opportunities to enhance the development of its people. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank transitions to a new blended learning approach, with access to getAbstract content as an integral component.

Energy Sector

Due to the current energy transition and legislative changes in Germany, E.ON is undergoing structural and operational changes. Its employees now face the challenge of having to keep up with the transformation. getAbstract, with its concise and up-to-date business summaries, has been an important companion through the transition.

Energy Sector

SoCalGas has instigated a shift in its learning culture as well as in its corporate culture. While classroom learning remains a valuable part of the firm’s learning strategy, employees are beginning to see value in on-demand learning resources, such as getAbstract.

Software Industry
CA Technologies

As one of the world’s largest independent software providers, the mission of CA Technologies (CA) is to deliver the IT solutions that customers need to remove the barriers between ideas and outcomes. By investing in leadership, including development resources like getAbstract summaries and micro lessons, CA empowers employees at all levels to think and behave like leaders.

North Highland

With its headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia, and 53 offices around the world, North Highland enjoys long-standing relationships with many of the world's most recognizable brands — including getAbstract.

Insurance and Banking Sector
Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse SBK

The Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK) ranks highly among the top German health insurance companies in terms of customer service. For many years, employees have rated SBK among Germany’s best employers, too. All 1,800 of SBK’s employees have full access to getAbstract’s multimedia business library. The use of getAbstract fosters a culture of learning and knowledge sharing among employees and provides a source of new ideas.

Professional Services

Professional Services is a global confederation of member firms. It handles a wide variety of business needs for companies in many sectors. It has offices in more than 100 countries and employs more than 100,000 people. The company prioritizes ongoing learning and easy access to information. getAbstract offers Professional Services a solution that aligns with its corporate learning culture.

Software Industry
Software and High-Tech

When this leading technology company needed accessible general business information to expand its technology-oriented online library, getAbstract responded. The international company’s professionals downloaded 120,000 book summaries within just six months. getAbstract has earned a 96% employee approval rating and saves the company $320,000 a month.

Insurance and Banking Sector

The faster companies learn, the more competitive they become. MasterCard is a corporate learning pioneer, and getAbstract plays a central role in its learning strategy. Its award-winning leadership development program aims to increase the impact of strategic initiatives, build a strong pipeline of leaders and drive cultural change.

Insurance and Banking Sector
Investors Bank

With 140 retail branches in New Jersey, New York City and Long Island, Investors Bank is one of the largest community banks based in the State of New Jersey. The bank uses getAbstract content in its education and development programs to create a company of readers that are better equipped to succeed in its sales-driven culture.

Insurance and Banking Sector
Western Union

Western Union credit getAbstract with a measurable increase in sales. Employees participating in a Western Union University Sales Excellence workshop, with content supported by getAbstract book summaries, personally attributed $16.5 million of their post-workshop sales increases to lessons learned during the program. Sales excellence was just one of the program's several themes, which also included presentations on transformation and change management, customer centricity, business acumen, operations, technologies and compliance.

Trading Sector

Liquidnet Holdings, a leading financial services firm is making a huge impact in the marketplace despite being a relatively small company of 300 employees. The global institutional trading network connects over 700 of the world’s top asset managers to large-scale trading opportunities around the world. To stay ahead of the competition, they keep their highly trained staff up to date with the latest business knowledge.

L-3 Communications

A prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions and a leading provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems, L-3 considers its commitment to providing innovative solutions one of its core missions. Don Ledbetter, corporate director of management and organizational effectiveness, shares his insights on the company’s groundbreaking process of building a highly successful leadership development program. Using getAbstract as a source of business expertise during the program’s creation and execution, Ledbetter and his colleagues designed a series of transformational activities that can turn good managers into effective leaders.

Automobile Industry

Daimler AG Corporate University, also known as DCU, is one of Germany’s first corporate universities. It generates a demand for more than 100,000 summary downloads per year from getAbstract.

Educational Sector
University of St. Gallen (HSG)

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) is one of Europe’s leading schools for business and economics. About 7,000 students from 80 different nations benefit from its international and interdisciplinary approach with a focus on practical relevance. Beyond academia, HSG is known for its development of the St. Gallen Management Model. Students and faculty use getAbstract's library of knowledge to complement their course work.

Food Industry

Mark Miller, chief learning officer at Chick-fil-A, and Mark Conklin, the company’s senior manager of leadership development, share a vision with getAbstract: Their aim is to make relevant, up-to-date knowledge easily available at the point of need for learners to download to the device of their choice. Chick-fil-A has used getAbstract to make leadership development scalable.

Food Industry

The brands owned by Ferrero International SA – Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and TicTac among them – are household names fueled by product innovations, strategic brand positioning and creative product advertising. Ferrero is renowned for its numerous product innovations and invests a large proportion of its sales in the brand positioning. The company recognizes that creative and innovative employees and managers – particularly in the areas of product development, marketing and sales – are essential for retaining this important competitive advantage.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Johnson & Johnson

Breakthrough innovations in healthcare don’t just happen. That’s why at Johnson & Johnson, the global healthcare products manufacturer, an immersive training initiative is preparing leaders to identify unmet needs the company can creatively address. getAbstract summaries provide the only outside content for enriching the training of participants in Johnson & Johnson’s Accelerate Enterprise Leadership program.

Investment Sector
The Carlyle Group

As one of the largest and most successful private equity firms in the world, The Carlyle Group is dedicated to attracting and retaining professionals with deep industry knowledge and a hunger for continuous learning. Matthew Wells, Principal, Global Head of Learning, Diversity and Inclusion shares his thoughts on how getAbstract serves as a valuable component of the company’s ongoing education.