Customized Learning

Customized to fit your needs

getAbstract’s team of expert learning consultants uses (A) alignment, (I) integration and (M) marketing strategies to help your organization maximize the benefits of compressed knowledge.

There’s something in the getAbstract library for everyone. Our information transitions beautifully to anyone’s individual development plan. Regardless of what your employees are working on, our library will have something valuable for them.

We Align with your organization by:

  • Finding solutions that help you meet strategic objectives
  • Mapping content to fit learning initiatives
  • Establishing book lists for teams, programs and events
  • Balancing varied learning methods to meet employee and group preferences

We Integrate into your technology platforms by:

  • Linking to customized lists
  • Providing access to stand-alone portals
  • Incorporating learning components in your company’s library or on your intranet
  • Offering login options that fit your learning platform, either within our site or behind your firewall

We Market the solution internally by:

  • Using internal sponsors to drive momentum
  • Planning launch events and group activities
  • Creating marketing tools, videos and flyers

By leveraging the best practices from more than 1,000 corporate clients, our Learning Consultants can create the most effective and enjoyable learning experiences for your people. Thanks to the careful, individualized attention we provide, getAbstract has become the most popular learning asset at many leading organizations around the world.