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Tailor learning to your company’s needs and engage employees at every level.

Empower your learners

getAbstract is the leader in a big market for online books, book summaries, article summaries and other published material. The company has built a large and vibrant business selling this licensed material and should be considered an important add-on to any large learning solution.


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Access relevant, bite-sized knowledge in the flow of work

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Help your workforce transform knowledge into action

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Tailor our solution to your company’s specific needs

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Benefit from 20+ years of experience working with leading companies

Build a learning culture that drives business forward

getAbstract fits with our new learning culture – it’s about those few minutes of learning you regularly fit into your day.

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Align with your strategic objectives

Your company has unique and specific needs. Our customizable solution lets you adapt our content to your learning strategy and goals. With your getAbstract Learning Portal, you can:

  • Create summary lists tailored to your organizational objectives.
  • Customize your home page, channels and portlets.
  • Support your learning campaigns with our engagement tools.
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Meet learners where they are

Enable users to access bite-sized learning anytime and from anywhere. Embed our solution in your intranet, collaboration platform, LMS or LXP:

  • Seamless integration into your platform of choice
  • Simplified login process with single sign-on
  • Access from any device through our website and app
getAbstract broadens people’s knowledge horizon and triggers their curiosity. It is a perfect resource for people who want to learn about new topics and gain a fresh perspective on what they are working on and beyond.


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Engage your learners

Organizational learning is about more than consuming content. We offer a variety of tools and best practices to engage your learners and help them:

  • Discover, share and develop new ideas.
  • Tackle professional challenges step by step.
  • Have more productive conversations.
  • Grow your understanding of topics that matter.
  • Create a habit of learning, 15 minutes at a time.
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Review your organization’s learning success

Receive valuable insights into learner engagement and tips to improve your learning strategy thanks to our:

  • Analytics dashboard with learner data.
  • Personalized support to drive adoption and usage.