How It Works – Mobile

With the world’s largest online library of compressed knowledge, easily accessible anywhere, anytime, getAbstract is a leading mobile learning solution. In fact, at least half of our millions of users access getAbstract through their favorite mobile devices.

Getting Started
Open the app and log in

If you already have a getAbstract subscription, simply enter your email address and password.

If not, create a free account and start your free trial.

NEW: Corporate subscribers with single-sign on (SSO) log in with their company credentials. Click on "Corporate Login", enter your corporate email address and confirm. You may need to provide further details on your company platform.

Corporate subscribers: Obtain your getAbstract credentials by contacting your eLearning manager or contact us at

Finding Summaries
Start Page

Start exploring and find new summaries on the start page.

This view will show you the latest summaries within these categories:

  • My Summaries
  • Top Downloads
  • Featured Summaries
  • Business Books
  • Video Talks and/or Economic Reports (depending on your subscription)

Scrolling to the bottom of the page reveals a plus (+) sign button, which will allow you to customize your start page.

Finding Summaries
Browse & Search

Easily find the right summary by browsing our categories. Use the subcategories to refine your search and select the summary of your choice from the list.

Do you know exactly what you're looking for? Search for the title or author and select your summary from the search results.

Corporate subscribers: You will also find your reading lists here.

Reading Summaries
The Reading Pane

The reading pane is the place to read or listen to your summaries.
You can as well:

  • Comment on the summary and discuss with others
  • Share the summary with your friends and colleagues (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email)
  • Add the summary to the My Summaries list, by marking it as read at the very bottom
  • Add the summary to your favorites
  • Adjust the font size and background color

Personalize Your Experience

Click on Settings to define your library and language preferences.

Do you prefer listening to summaries? Activate Audio only to see only summaries with audio versions.

Also, define whether or not you would like to receive push notifications for your personalized summaries.

Note that you can edit all other account settings and preferences by logging into the website.

Personalize Your Experience
Start Page Setup

To personalize your start page, scroll down and click on the plus (+) sign button.

Decide which lists you would like to see by tapping on the eye icons. Drag the symbol to the left to re-order the lists.

Don't forget to Accept your new setup.

Personalize Your Experience

By making active use of the favorites folders, you will always have your most useful summaries at hand.

  • Add new summaries: Click on Favorites in the summary reading pane, choose the folder(s) and accept.
  • Delete summaries: Either tap on Favorites in the reading pane and unselect the check box(es); or tap on the pen icon in the Favorites section and delete titles with the bin icon.
  • Add or delete favorites folders: In the Favorites section, open the folder overview with the little arrow on the right. Create a new folder using the empty field at the bottom. Edit or delete existing folders by tapping on the pen icon.

All summaries in your favorites folder will be synchronized and available offline. When synchronizing, you may choose to also download the audio summary (if available).

Still haven’t downloaded the app?

Download the app to your device.

Audio Summaries

Optimized audio files. Perfect for dedicated multitaskers, getAbstract’s audio options offer a smart solution for professionals looking to boost their business knowledge during a morning run, while cooking dinner or anytime they need hands-free access to information. Optimized for the spoken word and with running times under eight minutes, getAbstract’s audio summaries are as engaging as succinct. Our audio files offer smooth streaming, so not a single word is missed.

Not every abstract is available in audio format. When a summary is available in audio format, there will be a download option "Audio" (you can also filter your search options to look for audio abstracts only). We select roughly 50% of our written summaries to convert them into audio summaries. getAbstract thereby offers by far the largest collection of business audio summaries you can find anywhere.


All of our summaries are available in e-reader formats. Whether you like to read in e-ink or in full color, our summaries are compatible with all e-readers and tablets designed for reading. Here are some easy instructions on how to start reading on your device:



Send summaries to your Kindle directly from getAbstract's website, using the download option Send to Kindle. You will need to enter your Kindle account email address once, and add '' to the safe senders list in your Amazon Kindle account. You will then be able to also receive your personalized summaries directly on your device. To opt for that, simply go to MyAccount.

Kindle Fire – You may want to download our app to your tablet through the Amazon app store. Alternatively, you can read summaries through any browser available on your Kindle Fire.



Download and save summaries to your computer, in ePub or PDF format, plug your Nook e-Reader into your computer, and then it’s simply drag and drop.

Nook Tab – Additionally, you can download our app to your tablet through the Google Play store. Summaries can alternatively be read via any browser available on your Nook Tab.



Download and save summaries to your computer, in ePub or PDF format, then plug your Kobo e-reader into your computer, browse for your downloaded summaries, and then it’s simply drag and drop to transfer your summaries onto your e-reader.


If you are running into issues reading summaries on your mobile device, take a look at our FAQ section.