Financial History

Could the 2008 banking crisis have been avoided?


Yves Smith

Palgrave Macmillan, 2010


Misguided allegiance to theoretical “free markets” led to destructive deregulation of the financial services industry.
Senseless Panic

William M. Isaac and Philip C. Meyer

Wiley, 2010


A sharp critique of the 2008 federal TARP program, chronicling mismanagement, waste and failure
Zombie Economics

John Quiggin

Princeton UP, 2010


Horrors! They keep coming back! Why economic theories that led the world to the brink of financial collapse just won’t die.
A Short History of Financial Euphoria

John Kenneth Galbraith

Penguin, 1994


Galbraith’s financial essay warns that devastating fiscal collapse is inevitable in the free enterprise system.