Summary of 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018

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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018 summary
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Science and technology change rapidly. The MIT Technology Review has identified “10 breakthrough technologies” in the fields of biology, computer science and engineering, among others. This exciting summary of recent technological advances stimulates the mind and demonstrates how far technology has come and how far it plans to go. These advances include artificial life and computers with an imagination. getAbstract recommends this article to the many inspired and curious technology fans out there.

About the Authors

The authors include Erin Winick, Antonio Regalado, Elizabeth Woyke, Jackie Snow, Jamie Condliffe, Rachel Metz, James Temple, Mike Orcutt and David Rotman.



Researchers can predict disease risk and have created artificial embryos without sperm or egg.

Babies could come with their own genetic read-out that describes their disease risk, behavioral predisposition and even IQ. Data sets of more than one million participants allowed scientists to develop “polygenic risk scores.” This has the potential to predict whether an individual will benefit from a given treatment. In a similar vein, researchers have used stem cells to create embryos without sperm or an egg. In principle, scientists could create life without a sperm or an egg. Research of this kind raises ethical issues, such as how long scientists should allow artificial embryos to grow and if they are distinguishable from real embryos. Bioethicists have called for discussion on these topics before work on artificial embryos progresses further.

Advances in artificial intelligence and language translation open new possibilities.

Artificial intelligence (AI), while capable of identifying specific patterns...

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