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As a seasoned NPR reporter and talk show host, Celeste Headlee meets people from all walks of life each day. Oftentimes, she doesn’t agree with their viewpoints, but this doesn’t hold her back from engaging in great conversations. With charm and humor, Headlee shares her top 10 tips to help you enjoy more meaningful exchanges. getAbstract recommends her astute, entertaining talk to anyone who wants to master the art of conversation.


A Pew Research study of 10,000 American adults found that people are more polarized today than ever before. As a result, conversations often turn into disputes, whereby participants, firmly entrenched in their views, are unwilling to listen or to consider other perspectives. Mobile technology – in particular, texting and on-screen communications – also has contributed to the demise of interpersonal conversational skills. Nevertheless, it is possible to have productive face-to-face dialogues with people who see the world differently than you do. The following 10 tips will help you become a better conversationalist:

  1. “Don’t multitask” – When talking with someone, give them your undivided...

About the Speaker

Broadcaster Celeste Headlee hosts On Second Thought, a talk show on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

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