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101 Ways to Make Every Second Count

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101 Ways to Make Every Second Count

Time Management Tips and Techniques for More Success with Less Stress

Career Press,

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What's inside?

So you think books on how to get organized are a waste of time? Consider this: The average adult spends 16 hours a year searching for misplaced keys.

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Robert W. Bly’s helpful, amusing and slim volume is jam-packed with wisdom and plenty of tips to help you organize, manage your time better, cure procrastination and increase your productivity. While some of his advice is plain old common-sense information that you’ve probably already heard, it may well bear repeating. Just one look around your office may show you how many people have heard some of this counsel before but are still hopelessly disorganized time wasters. Bly includes pertinent data from surveys of leaders and working stiffs who feel overwhelmed by information, too many demands on their time and the constant struggle to fit 25 hours of work and real life into a 24-hour day. He also sprinkles witty and instructive quotes throughout the book, which getAbstract recommends to anyone who’d like to have a little extra time left over (and that’s everyone).


Quick Tips to Speed You Up

Some of the rush you feel is due to technology. In an article in the Business-to-Business Marketer, writer Gary Springer says, "We’ve learned to live by the Rule of 6. What used to take six months, now takes six weeks; what used to take six weeks now is wanted in six days; what normally took six days is needed in six hours; and what used to be done in six hours is now expected in six minutes." What can you do to keep up? Learn time-management skills.

These skills will enable you to:

  • Get more done in less time.
  • Meet deadlines and commitments.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Have more time for your family.
  • Feel better, have more energy and reduce pressure and stress.
  • Improve your efficiency and eliminate time wasters.
  • Find the information you really want quickly and effectively.
  • Get through your work backlog.
  • Benefit from technology, instead of feeling pushed by it.

Become "the master of your time, rather than its slave," by adopting the following work habits:

  • Make to-do lists: daily, by project, and long-term, and chose your priorities.

About the Author

Robert W. Bly is director of The Center for Technical Communication (CTC), a consulting firm. He is the author of more than 40 books, including The Six-Figure Consultant, Selling Your Services, The Lead Generation Handbook and The Encyclopedia of Business Letters. His articles have appeared in many national publications, and he is editor of the magazine Bits & Pieces for Salespeople, published monthly by Economics Press.

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