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14 Effective Conflict Resolution Techniques

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14 Effective Conflict Resolution Techniques

Brainy Dose,

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Do you walk away from conflicts feeling defeated? These strategies can change that.

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Do you find yourself engaging in conflicts more often than you’d like? Or do you emerge from arguments feeling defeated and deflated? If so, Brainy Dose, a producer of infotainment, offers a practical laundry list of techniques to use during your next confrontation. The list is not absolute, and the descriptions are brief. Yet a quick review of these tactics will give you confidence to engage in disagreements and find workable solutions. Employ these diplomatic methods to gain control over conflicts and foster positive interactions.


When conflict arises, your knee-jerk response might be to get defensive.

In the heat of an argument, you may feel compelled to champion your stance and force your counterparts to admit their mistakes. But such a defensive response won’t solve the problem or elicit mutual compromises. It can even exacerbate a conflict. Don’t take every criticism personally. Someone who disagrees with your opinion or critiques your performance isn’t necessarily attacking your character.

Unchecked defensiveness can lead to blaming and bad-mouthing. Both of these offensive tactics erode mutual respect and escalate hostilities. Blaming shifts the focus from the issue at hand to the other party’s shortcomings. Bad-mouthing takes this a step further by making those perceived shortcomings public. Neither of these behaviors creates an atmosphere conducive to problem-solving.

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Brainy Dose produces educational and infotainment videos on a wide array of topics, including life and work skills.

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