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15 Company Culture Examples that Deserve Your Attention

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15 Company Culture Examples that Deserve Your Attention


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These 15 top companies created winning cultures by putting people at the core of their corporate success.

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Writing for Atlassian’s online publication, Work Life, Jamey Austin offers a rundown of 15 companies that exemplify worthwhile corporate cultures. These companies may inspire you to consider your operation and ask: Do your corporate words, actions and beliefs mesh with the reality of your office? Each of Austin’s examples shows how to sustain and build a people-centric organization. If you want to reduce turnover, increase productivity and put the well-being of your people first, Austin details how to make changes that matter.


The most successful corporate cultures focus on employees.

A company’s philosophy and actions define its culture. You can build a winning culture in many ways, and all of them are people-centric. A successful corporate culture increases productivity, decreases turnover and improves employees’ lives. Many companies do it well, but the following 15 organizations exemplify how to build and sustain a people-oriented culture.

Help employees grow personally as well as at work.

Zoom, a video teleconferencing company, integrates employees’ personal and professional lives. Its goal is to make its employees happy. Giving K-12 teachers free access to Zoom’s online meeting service during the coronavirus crisis exemplifies its values.

The digital music service Spotify has a unique organizational structure that provides both accountability and independence. Personal hobby groups connect with its staff members at all levels and functions. Spotify’s HR “social team” takes care of scheduling group interactions.

Glassdoor lists LinkedIn, the social media site for professionals, as a great place to work, in spite...

About the Author

Writer and editor Jamey Austin is a Content Marketing Manager at Atlassian.

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