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Social entrepreneur Noeline Kirabo had a secure job. But she wanted more; Kirabo wanted to follow her passion, even though conventional wisdom said that wasn’t practical. In this dynamic TED Talk, Kirabo describes the steps she took to dare to work with passion. The journey starts with looking inward. Success, she says, lies at the intersection of what passionately drives you and what the marketplace will pay for. Her talk is an inspirational place to start thinking about building a business you love. When your passion fuels your day job, you don’t have to wait until you retire to enjoy life.


Many people believe passion and work don’t go together unless you’re rich or retired. But passion is motivating and leads to deep fulfillment.

African students usually learn that passing classes is the most important thing to land a good job – one that you stick with no matter what, or at least until you get a better offer or retire. School systems put you on a designated path. Few options are available, and schools expect students to fit in.

For those who drop out, choices are even more limited: Enroll in vocational school, or take whatever job you can. Bleak prospects for the future may be why so many young Africans find themselves in harmful situations. When social entrepreneur Noeline...

About the Speaker

Ugandan social entrepreneur Noeline Kirabo helps at-risk youth build sustainable businesses from their passions.

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