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20 Days to the Top

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20 Days to the Top

How the Precise Selling Formula Will Make You Your Company's Top Sales Performer in Twenty Days or Less


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To soar in sales, ask your prospective customers the right questions and follow a "Precise" process to the top.

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This brief sales guide offers solid suggestions for such powerful techniques as asking questions, listening to customers, taking notes, using call sheets and doing research to turn selling into a standardized, measurable and repeatable process. If none of that sounds new to you, the problem isn't you. But that doesn't mean the advice isn't sound. It is. Author Brian Sullivan, a motivational speaker, has packaged old guidance in a new wrapper that he calls the "Precise Selling Formula." He says nothing that is outright wrong and much that is outright right. getAbstract thinks his elementary but helpful book (and its accompanying CD) will be most useful to inexperienced salespeople who lack self-confidence, and who may need exhortation and reassurance. The author's earthy anecdotes, Kansas City optimism and self-deprecating but enthusiastic tone may be just what novice salespeople crave after a day in the trenches.


The "Precise" Sales Process

Salespeople who use the "Precise Selling Formula" prepare for every call. They base their sales approach on respect and trust. They ask customers engaging questions and offer them great solutions. They are decisive and action-oriented, and they inspire decisiveness and action from others. They always move forward, seeking agreement and opportunities. If you use this method as a salesperson, you will approach your work as an inquisitive explorer who never rests and continuously prospects for business. You will be interesting, and interested in your customers.

That said, "Precise" isn't a personality. Precise selling is a process. As with any good business process, you can practice it, quantify it, and do it over and over. The key to it is consistency and persistence. Be inspired by historic figures who persevered despite their difficulties - people such as Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther and Franklin Roosevelt. Persevere in solving your customers' problems and meeting their needs.

Using Questions Strategically

As a salesperson, you will encounter negative people in the normal course of business, people who want nothing ...

About the Author

Brian Sullivan is a member of the National Speakers Association and an internationally known expert on effective selling behavior. He hosts a talk radio show in Kansas City.

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