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Job interviews are never as straightforward as they seem. You may have all the right qualifications and experience, but still the position goes to another candidate. Editor Jacquelyn Smith and reporter Shana Lebowitz of Business Insider UK have compiled a list of surprising things – some within your control, others less so – that may affect whether you land your next job. getAbstract recommends this practical guide to professionals trying to get an edge in their next interview and to employers looking to create a fair hiring process.


How you dress, whether you have piercings or tattoos, your weight, and how you speak can all affect people’s perceptions of you. For instance, in a CareerBuilder survey, 2,099 human resource professionals claimed blue and black are the most appropriate colors to wear when applying for work; orange, on the other hand, should be avoided. To prepare for your next job interview, familiarize yourself with the behaviors, contexts and unconscious perceptions that could cast you in a negative light, and aim to avoid them.

Some factors that...

About the Authors

Jacquelyn Smith is the careers editor for Business Insider UK and the co-author of Find and Keep Your Dream Job: The Definitive Careers Guide from Forbes. Shana Lebowitz is a strategy reporter for Business Insider UK.

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