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Risk Leadership

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Risk Leadership

How They Do It in FC Barcelona

Implement Consulting Group,

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Learn about risk leadership from one of the world’s greatest soccer clubs: FC Barcelona.

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When it comes to both risk management and soccer, a good offense may matter more than a solid defense. In this brief but compelling report, Bjørn Rothaus, Martin Vilsøe and Christian Mann Boserup of Implement Consulting Group use examples drawn from the strategies of successful (and not-so-successful) soccer teams to argue for changes in corporate risk management – including the need for more flexible strategies and better integration of risk management into an organization’s core processes. getAbstract recommends this report to CEOs, board members and seniors executives.


Risk management strategy may not feel like much of a game, but managers and executives could benefit by thinking about organizational risk management as a soccer match. Many companies approach risk management like former Norwegian national soccer coach, Egil “Drillo” Olsen, who trained his team to play an exclusively defensive game. Unfortunately, playing in this cautious, predetermined fashion only worked for a short time, and today, Norway is one of the lowest-ranked teams in the FIFA World Ranking.

By contrast, successful...

About the Authors

Bjørn Rothaus, Martin Vilsøe and Christian Mann Boserup are experts at Implement Consulting Group, a global management consultancy firm which helps organizations “change faster and with greater impact.”

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