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The Internet Is Killing Happiness. Can We Stop It?

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The Internet Is Killing Happiness. Can We Stop It?


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Does too much Internet make you unhappy? If so, it’s time to resist and reconnect with real life.

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How often have you looked up from your smartphone to realize you have no idea how long you’ve been staring at its screen, completely unaware of what’s been happening around you? Like it or lump it, the Internet is here to stay. The question is: are you using it in a way that makes your life better or worse? Journalist Christy Speer Lejeune explains how the Internet became one of the most demanding forces in people’s lives today. She gives you tips for how to resist tech overload and re-engage with real life without shunning technology altogether. If you ever feel overwhelmed by tech’s endless onward march, getAbstract recommends printing out a PDF of this heart-felt, humorous look at the Internet to read offline.


Fear of changing technology is nothing new; printing presses, railroads and the telegraph all once scared people, too. What’s different today compared with the past is the speed and scope of change. People had 40 years to get used to the telegraph before the telephone took its place. The timeline from computer to Internet to smartphone was far more compressed, and rapid change now touches every area of life.

Humans must constantly adapt, creating an anxious sense of instability and of falling behind, both at work ...

About the Author

Christy Speer Lejeune is a freelance journalist, writer and contributing editor at Philadelphia Magazine.

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