When change advocate Melinda Epler became the victim of workplace “microaggressions” that eroded her confidence and ability to perform her job, she began to champion the importance of diversity as a core corporate value rather than a mere “side project.” Epler’s candid tale and succinct advice will appeal to human resources managers, team leaders, and anyone who wants to become a better ally, employee or person.


In 2013, Melinda Epler landed her dream job at an engineering firm, a post that combined her interests and expertise. But her time at the company was nightmarish. The workplace environment was toxic. The first time Epler gave a presentation, her colleagues ignored her, interrupted her and expropriated her ideas. As the only female present, Epler yearned for an ally. She encountered rude behavior throughout her time at the company, which dented her confidence and her ability to perform her job. Pervasive “microaggressions” – that is, “everyday slights, insults, [and] negative verbal and nonverbal communication” – had created an unproductive atmosphere...

About the Speaker

Melinda Epler is a strategic adviser for tech companies and an advocate for workplace inclusion and diversity.

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