The world is full of great ideas. But the ones that get off the ground are those with the resources to make them a reality. If your goal is to execute a big dream, you must figure out how to finance it. Fundraising and development strategist Kara Logan Berlin gives viewers valuable insight into the difficult and sometimes fear-inducing art of asking for donations. Berlin offers helpful guidance about how to approach potential donors. Her talk is good starting point if you wish to get a project off the ground but you get the jitters when asking investors for money.


Plenty of great ideas never become a reality because they lack funding.

Creating positive change in the world requires money. Of course, it costs nothing to be kind. But if you want to effect meaningful change by, say, starting a movement, mobilizing a community or running for office, you’ll need cold, hard cash. So think about the task of fundraising as a potential opportunity instead of a dreaded chore. To improve your fundraising skills, consider your relationship to money, the importance of building rapport with investors and your approach to asking for investment.

Before you ask investors for donations, reconcile your personal feelings about money.

Money is an awkward topic that makes most individuals recoil. All people, even the wealthy, have complicated feelings about money, be it its scarcity or abundance in...

About the Speaker

Kara Logan Berlin is a development strategist who helps people secure the resources they need to fund their goals.

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